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There are approximately 5,000 people in Toronto who are homeless and nearly 3,200 people more on the wait list for supportive housing. Imagine trying to survive without the basic requirements that most of us take for granted – essentials like heat, food, water & shelter. Too often, these people have nowhere to turn. Without access to clean clothing, food to sustain themselves, or even an address, the idea of applying for a job and attempting to change their situation becomes more than just a daunting task; for some, it becomes an idea that is next to impossible. Together, we can work towards putting an end to this kind of suffering.

Lifeline is working with our partners to deliver support and food to the vulnerable homeless population of Toronto. We need your help to make a difference in reaching our goal of being a Lifeline for a Lifetime. 

We welcome donations of money and time. Get involved and help us spread the word. Together, we can help to get people off the streets. You can make a difference to someone today.

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With your help, we can make a difference and get people off the streets. 
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We have some exciting initiatives planned. Join us & help make a difference.
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More than 5,219 people are currently homeless in Toronto. This needs to change. 
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With your support, we can assist and provide opportunities for those in need.
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