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Covenant House
Canada’s largest youth agency, providing the widest range of services and support to youth 16–24 regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or circumstance. Covenant House provides 24/7 crisis shelter and transitional housing on-site and in the community along with comprehensive services, including education, counseling, health care, employment assistance, job training and aftercare.

Eva’s Initiatives
provides safe shelter, training, counseling and a wide range of innovative programs and services to help homelessness and at-risk youth. Eva’s operates three shelters, which house and feed 114 youth ages 16-24. Eva’s also has a variety of programs that help and support youth making the transition from the streets to being able to live productive, financially independent lives and becoming active members of their community and leaving the shelter system permanently.

Unity Charity
engages and empowers youth to become role models and future leaders in their communities. Unity uses hip hop as a powerful tool and vehicle to give young people a voice and build life skills and confidence.


Second Harvest
rescues fresh surplus food, that would otherwise go to waste, from grocery stores, wholesalers and manufacturers, and delivers it to people in need across Toronto and within 24 hours delivers food to a network of community agencies, where it is transformed into hot meals at shelters, children’s programs, drop-in community centers and seniors programs.

Breakfast for Learning
provides funding, programs and nutritional support to school-based breakfast, lunch and snack nutrition programs for over 20 years. Breakfast for Learning helps to ensure that all children and youth in Canada attend school well nourished, improving their ability to learn, giving them the best chance of success in life.

Blessings in a Backpack
is a unique program designed to support school children who simply do not have enough to eat on weekends. Kids take home a backpack filled with food every Friday and return the backpack empty on Monday, ready to start their week. Attendance and productivity soar; students report greater attentiveness and improved energy; teachers see improvements in study habits and demeanour; parents feel relief and support for their own family. Above all, communities grow – and lives are changed.


Woodgreen Homeward Bound Project
is a program that helps single mothers and their children move from homelessness and poverty to successful careers and self-sufficiency. Homeward bound provides single mothers with life skills, computer and financial literacy education and then attend college at a fully accredited school. Homeward bound connects women to full time wage earning employment when they are done the program.

Children’s Book Bank
is a program that supports children’s literacy by providing free books and literacy support to children in low-income neighborhoods in Toronto. The children’s book bank collects and distributes books free of charge to children who might otherwise not have their own book.


The Mikey Network
works to promote heart healthy lifestyles. They are committed to placing “Mikeys” (public access defibrillators) in high-risk locations to help people affected by sudden cardiac arrest.

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